Friday, October 2, 2009

Question 97

Question: What really happend with Elvis Presley?
Lucas H. (via Email) 

Answer: We have all heard the stories of Presley at gas stations and IHops and the theories about the mafia and Nixon. Truth is, he did not only die in 1977, but he killed himself. Slit his wrists. He was living a solid life, happy as can be, and planning to make another comeback. Then it hit: Star Wars.
Elvis brushed it off at first as nothing more than a fad, but what happened next was entirely unexpected. The theme song to Star Wars shot up the charts and held the number one spot in music. Realizing that he could never compete with the likes of the now immortal John Williams, he decided to end his life. Thus was born the new King, George Lucas. On a side note, the position of King is now open again and has been vacant since The Phantom Menace.

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