Friday, October 16, 2009

Question 103

Question: What is the best pick up line?
Joey B (via Twitter) 

Answer: Although telling a woman "I want to lick you where you pee," is a fail-safe in my neck of the woods, some may have difficulty executing this elsewhere. So I have tried to come up with the most universal pick up line I can think of. But, it has to be properly executed. 
  • First, go to your nearest pet shop and buy the cutest puppy ever.
  • Next go get a beautiful box of chocolate. 
  • Lastly, get a large box of candles and some lovely perfume. 

Now, walk up to a chick holding all of the above and whisper in her ear, "If you don't give me your number I am going to feed this whole fucking box of chocolate to this fucking puppy. And if you don't answer your phone when I call you tomorrow and agree to another date, I will light these candles and use this perfume to make a flamethrower to burn this puppy faster than a Jewish banker in Auschwitz." 

She will be like putty. 

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