Friday, October 16, 2009

Question 102

Question: Why does it say "Do Not Insert In Ear" on the cotton buds? What else do you use them for?
Big Gay Al (via Twitter) 

Answer: Cotton buds have many uses. If you are like me and always date the girl that leaves wax cups in the car so the holder fills up with water, then you use the buds to get the incriminating blood stains from within the cracks of your bathroom tile. 

Then there are the bitchy eco conscious girlfriends that decide that a plastic bag over their face is not the correct way to recycle. Nothing beats a cotton bud for removing your skin follicles from under their nails just before the police arrive.

And lets not forget their reliability when it comes to removing gun residue from your wristwatch when dating the girl that talks during an episode of Lost.

Ha ha. I'm fucking with you. Cotton buds really have no uses, we just keep buying them to give the slaves in Alabama something to do.

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