Monday, September 28, 2009

Question 94

Question: When wrestling a gator should I wear sweats, spandex or a trench coat?
Crumbs (via Twitter) 

Answer: When I wrestle gators I usually do it naked cause my large cock can wrap around their jaw and keep them from biting my fucking face. However, I understand that not all men are created like me. In your case I would go with the trench coat. The gators will think you are just another wild animal. Paddington Bear to be exact. Use your disguise to sneak up on them and grab them by the ears. The great part is that when the gator bites your fucking face and starts his death roll, the onlookers won't see you shitting your pants like they would in sweats or spandex.

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  1. You are truly blessed....God must have wanted you to be an alligator wrestler to have blessed you with such manhood..

    Funny post