Sunday, September 27, 2009

Question 93

Question: Will you share with me your understanding on the meaning of life?
Dan the Man (via Twitter)  

Answer: I cannot believe it took 93 fucking questions to ask this. I also cannot believe that I did not prepare for this one 93 fucking questions ago. Honestly, I have no clue what the meaning of life is. But through deductive reasoning, I can assume that it has something to do with porn. Just before I typed this, I watched porn. After I type this, I will watch porn. Tomorrow morning, I will watch porn. Tomorrow afternoon I will go to Target. This has nothing to do with porn but I usually see all the hot rich MILFS in Target and I am inspired to go home and watch MILF porn. Therefore, I am going to conclude that the meaning of life is to watch as much porn as possible. I will also conclude that my life must have 99% more meaning than the rest of the world. See mom, I told you I would make something of myself.

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