Sunday, September 27, 2009

Question 92

Question: Does the existence of Nickleback prove there is no God?
David H. (via Twitter)  

Answer: No, exactly the opposite. The Bible is going just according to plan. It says that in the end of times we will be visited by a false prophet claiming to be Jesus,  in this case we have already been visited. Creed came down from Heaven and everyone thought they were God. They made crappy chrisitan music and sold millions of albums. The truth was quickly realized that they were not the Holy messiahs people went to their concerts and listened to a drunken Scott Staph mumble like Kenny from Southpark for two hours.
The Bible then says that the antichrist will be revealed. Cue Nickelback. This picture was taken outside a record store the day Nickleback released their first album:

Clearly a sign of the pending apocalypse. Now we just sit and wait for the real Yahweh and his disciples to end this battle:

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