Saturday, September 26, 2009

Question 89

Question: If you had the chance to do yoga naked, or slide down an icy mountain naked, while really gassy, which would you choose and why? Assuming it was a yoga class with a plethora of women, and a mountain/ski resort.
Kean F. (via Facebook) 

Answer: You are fucked up. But I will choose. You see I have been in this situation before, kind of. In college I took a yoga class with me and 40 girls. They enjoyed it more than I did, cause women never fucking fart in public but guys do. I became an instant scape goat. Every class Jane Doe assripper would let one slide right when we went in downward facing dog and every girl would look at me. The worst part is all the chicks were health freaks and ate like grass and bark and shit and it made it smell like Yogi Bear shit on your chest. 

Therefore, I would want revenge. I would take the yoga class and sit in front. The second my cheeks spread on downward facing dog, I would not only let it rip, but I would shit all over the floor and then turn to all of them, say "Namaste" and walk out the door, my pile of shit still warm on the floor. That would teach those bitches.

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