Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Question 81

Question: I just killed a prostitute, what do I do?
Nick A. (via Facebook)

Answer: Another one? First off you start by not letting me know your fucking name Nick Ashcroft! Then you got a few options:
1. If the sex was good, kill yourself. She was a prostitute. Prostitutes go to hell. So do people who kill themselves. Meet at Lucifer's Lounge, have a few drinks and then head back to her eternal damnation for some anal. 
2. Grab your phone. Immediately download the ringtone "Battlefield" by Jordin Sparks and ask a friend to call you in 10 minutes. When cops arrive, your friend will call and they will hear the ringtone. They will assume you are gay and ask if you saw who killed her.
3.  Eat her. Leave nothing and eat her. If she is black, use hot sauce. Don't ask why, it just tastes better. 

Honestly, I would go with door number 1. You, Kurt Cobain, Phil Hartman and Chris Benoit doing a gangbang on Anna Nicole? That's no Hades to me.

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