Sunday, September 20, 2009

Question 75

Question: What's a masogynist?
George A. (via Twitter) 

Answer: I have no clue. But never the one to give up, I am going to try and dissect this one by splitting it in two and doing the seven degrees method.
Maso->sounds asian->asians like karate->chuck norris knows karate->he was in karate movies->so was Pat Morita->he was Mr. Miyagi->Mr. Miyagi trained the karate kid
Gynist-> very close to gymnast-> the US competes in gymnastics->one famous gymnast was Dominique Moceanu-> I wanted to have anal sex with Dominique in 1996->I did not want to have sex with Mary Lou Retton-> Mary Lou Retton will not shut her mouth and quit being annoying.  

So, my sleuth skills lead me to believe that a masogynist= a young child that either can fight back or won't keep their mouth shut. God, the worst kind. If you don't want to take the candy and get in my van, just go about your business. No need to make a scene. Inconsiderate bastards.

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