Saturday, September 19, 2009

Question 72

Question: Are there any sources to resolve intellectual property theft that are totally reliable and much, much better than the traditional copyright & patent methods? i.e. it seems only the best "spammers" are getting rewarded the most ... which seems highly "stupid" to me.
Ekim A. (via Blogger)

Answer: Uhhhh. What? Out of that I picked out the words "resolve" and "theft." So I'm going to say that you should get a baseball bat and some kites. Mail the people you don't like the kites. Believe me, there is not a person in the world that doesn't get a kite and go right the fuck out the door to fly it. So then you wait outside with your baseball bat and when they come running out with their kite like a 10 year old boy on Christmas morning, you deck the halls on their face. Problem solved. 
P.S. I also picked out the words "totally", "getting", and "stupid." And my answer to that is, as long as its not my turn to put on the banana suit.

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