Monday, September 14, 2009

Question 60

Question: FWB, yay or nay?
Blaize P. (via Twitter) 

Answer: Normally I would say no. I have tried this many times and usually resulted in me crying in front of a mirror pleading, "Why can't she see me for more than the incredible lover that I am? Why is it so hard to think that the man behind this amazing tongue and tight, juicy, ass might actually be a man that enjoys poetry, scrabble, and a quiet afternoon quilting for unfortunate children? Why?!?" So normally no.

However, your name is Blaize. That is a sexy name and sexy names make my penis hard and when my penis is hard I think irrationally and sailor-like. So I will change my mind and say yes. But only with you. It could only end in one of two ways; a great NSA with a hot chick or a yard full of tire marks and a restraining order.

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