Sunday, September 13, 2009

Question 54

Question: Why do I hate the things I love? I am full of hate & full of love & I cannot separate the two feelings. Why is this?
Deirdree S. (via Twitter)

Answer: I know what you mean. I love to masturbate but I hate that it is such a chore. Life would be so much better if I could just masturbate with my mind or if I had a mute friend that wouldn't be able to talk to the police. 

My best advice is to quit loving and start hating. It is too much work to love things or to love to hate things, so just hate shit. It's so much easier. For example, I used to love hating baseball. I would make quips and jokes about how boring and full of suck it was. Now I don't. I just hate it. No jokes necessary, it just fucking sucks. End of story.  See how much fun that is?

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