Saturday, September 5, 2009

Question 36

Question: What are some good baby names?
Noelle Z.

Answer: Oh my Noelle, oh how you try and trick me into saying something cute like Olivia or Gavin. Well that's not what this fucking blogs about dammit! Well with a name like Noelle I am assuming you are really hot. Hot chicks usually have hot babies. And since you are writing in to ask a blogger for baby names I am assuming you have no money. So I did the math:
hot mom+hot kids-money=strippers.
Unless they are guys, then they wind up being magicians or gay guys or both.

I am going to say if you have a boy name him something gay magician-like. For instance: Nigel, Lance, Pierre, Gaylord or Ocho Cinco. If it is a girl, go with something strippery, like Trixie, Karamel or Honeydo. If it is a hermaphrodite name it Abba.