Saturday, September 5, 2009

Question 30

Question: Why the hell do people eat organic food?
Hailey G.

Answer: This question has plagued me for years. Tree hugging hairy women hippie fucks decided to label something organic a long time ago and sell it for so much more, just cause they didn't use fertilizer. Its all a bunch of bullshit. That crap is about as organic as deep fried cupcakes. There are chemicals in the materials used to process that stuff, used to package that stuff, and used to ship that stuff. Like organic rice? Give me a break, I'm sure microwaving a plastic bag of rice is about as natural as Joan River's face.

My suggestion: skip food all together. Since you are sending me questions at 9am on a Saturday that means you have no life and are on the internet probably eating cookie crisp and watching Scrubs reruns . So steer clear of the food, and the public.

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  1. I am sleeping with a women who hates organic foods. On the good side - keeps her in great shape and skinny w/out working out. One the negative side, it's organic food and no good snacks are every around. As long as she never forces me to eat it or makes me go to Whole Foods, I'll continue to tap it.