Friday, September 4, 2009

Question 28

Question: Why should Blog Catalog take you to Las Vegas to party with them and attend the Blog World Expo?

Answer: Because as a young boy I dared to dream.
I dared to dream about cops pulling me over and forcing me to open my trunk only to find a dead hooker.
I dared to dream about marrying a stripper named Sparkle in a service attended by my taxi driver and a mime.
I dared to dream about Criss Angel making my virginity disappear, and Sigfried and Roy taking it.
I dared to dream about losing $5000.00 accidentally betting on Duke to win the NCAA football.
About bright lights burning my corneas. About buffets with steak and crab legs for $2.00. About showgirls with herpes and showtunes with Tom Jones.
I dared to dream about 1million ad impressions amounting to 3000 clicks and $1.45 in revenue.
I dared to blog and most importantly... I dared to dream about Las Vegas with Blog Catalog and the Blog World Expo!

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  1. Thanks for changing the comments settings. Now people like me can comment freely! Whoot!

    This post is hilarious by the way.