Monday, August 17, 2009

Question 9

Question: How do I tell my parents that I am gay?
Jeff L.

Answer: Truth is they probably know and always have. Your parents probably saw in your browsing history or noticed your Pavlov's dog-like druel seeping out your mouth during The Full Monty. Either way they know you have been a friend of Dorothy's for quite some time so when you are ready to break the "news" to them of your pickle chugging, be sure to just bring in your boyfriend and start making out with him. Your mom will probably pretend to cry but that's just because she now owes your dad $100.00. You dad will seem emotionless but inside he will be thinking how lucky your ass is that you don't have to deal with the menopause bullshit he is going through. Give it a week and your dad will be licking the spoon from the fudgepot right along with you. High five!

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