Monday, August 24, 2009

Question 21

Question: If I had the choice between being a doctor and a lawyer, which should I pick?

Answer: Well N.F. since I don't know your gender I will answer this two ways.

Male: Men should all want to be lawyers. Sure, doctors get to see the vag every once and a while, but most of the girls that you put up on a table have a penis purse you can hear your voice echoing in. Either that or you have to ask them to please take off their Dora the Explorer undies. Lawyers on the other hand get to deal with divorces. And recently divorced women are always wanting your hammer of justice. Not to mention you get to see exactly how much money she makes and how many tax deductions... er... I mean kids she has.

Females: Women should skip college and learn to make quilts. The ratio of quality quilts to feet that are cold at night is steadily declining. Something must be done.

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  1. thanks. I'm a guy by the way. Lots more questions to come. Your insight is fuckin amazing.