Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Question 17

Question: What's your favorite movie?
Dal H.

Answer: That would be The Road to Perdition. If you haven't seen it you should be placed upon a dresser and your nuts slammed in the drawer. It's a gangster flick about some how Tom Hanks gets double crossed and they kill his family. He then goes after Paul Newman's mafia and ends up taking out all of them in one of the best movie scenes ever. Reasons why this movie is amazing:

1. It has Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks), James Bond( Daniel Craig), and Cool Hand Luke (Paul Newman). The badass meter is out of range even for the hubble.

2. Gangsters. You never see a ganster have sex and then lay down to cuddle. They are sitting at the foot of the bed with a cigarette, putting on their suspenders and packing up their Tommy Gun case. I would let a ganster plow my man cave just to hear "I got some business to take care of, I'll be late." Oooohhhh.

3. Stephen Spielberg produced. Schindler's List? Jurassic Park? The Flinstones Movie? Ok... well... bad choice Steve. But you get my point.

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