Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Question 15

Question: Why are you doing this?
Wilmarie I.

Answer: I like the fame and fortune that comes with having a blog. Just sit back and think of all the famous bloggers. I bet they are all blogging right this moment typing with one hand, the other holding a 24k gold pimp cup full of V8. I bet they are even enjoying a nice bowl of cereal too. Not that cheap great value shit either, but the really hard to find Count Chocula that comes shaped like bats and shit. I can see it now... velvet inspirational paintings of myself doing interesting things like listening to Prince or playing frisbee naked. Clothes made of fiber taken from clouds. Laying on a bed made of dead babies. Morbid? maybe. Soft? hell yes! The sky is the limit for a blogger like me. Fame and fortune my dear Wilma, fame and fortune.

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