Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Question 14

Question: Why should I get a college degree?
Maggie S.

Answer: Go to Walmart. Proceed to register 12. There you will meet a woman named Thelma. She just celebrated her 53rd birthday. The highlight of her day? When people accidentally leave a bag of shampoo and a box of instant potatoes on the bagging wheel and she gets to take it home cause it is already paid for. She will die single and having been loved only once, by a large black man who left her to start his taxi cab business. Her credit score isn't a number, just a : ( and the amount of cigarettes she smokes in a week looks like a phone number.

She skipped college.


  1. Not to mention that a degree on a re'sume' or curiculum vitae looks MUCH better than, "Time in San Quentin."

    Just...something substantive to do besides having your toe nails filed down with an industrial metal file...ALSO NOT TO MENTION that the sound of which wakes the dead...and then you have a whole, "Live Dead People," issue....

  2. Actually, Thelma DID have a college degree...in Liberal Arts =(